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4 Reasons To Choose A Tilt Garage Door Over A Sectional Garage Door

The type of garage door you choose for your property is going to impact everything from curb appeal to security, so it makes sense to consider all available options before making your final decision. For many homeowners, the hardest choice will be between a tilt door or a sectional door.

The main difference is easy enough to understand. Tilt garage doors are made of one solid panel with pivoting arms at each side, whereas sectional garage doors are made of separate panels that roll up a track to open and close. Each option has its own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons why you might be better off with a tilt garage door.

1. Minimal Headroom Required

Tilt doors sit below the lintel of a garage, whereas sectional doors sit up behind the lintel. This is important since it means that tilt garage doors require far less headroom. This is particularly important in properties that are known for having limited headroom, such as a Queenslander home. In contrast, a sectional door is probably going to sit much higher than you would ideally like.

2. Lower Cost

Cost is always going to be an important factor when you're comparing garage doors, and you'll generally find yourself making significant savings by choosing a tilt door over a sectional door. Since they are less complex, tilt garage doors typically cost much less than sectionals. Of course, cheaper sectional doors do exist, but they generally won't look as attractive or prove as durable as similarly priced tilt doors. Additionally, installation is much trickier for sectionals, and the added time and effort they require is going to push up your labour costs.

3. Longer Life Span

Tilt garage doors are made from a relatively small number of components and have very few weak points where problems can develop. In contrast, sectional garage doors have many moving parts, and each of the hinges used to join different panels can start to fail over time. This means you must be more vigilant about maintenance when you opt for a sectional, and they don't tend to last as long as tilt doors.

4. Wider Range of Styles

Tilt doors use one unbroken piece of material, so manufacturers can do a little more with them. As such, you should find a very wide range of styling options from which to choose. Because of the way sectional doors are broken up, they don't offer quite the same level of versatility when it comes to styling. If you're particular about the way your property looks, a tilt garage door is probably going to prove more attractive.

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