Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

3 Reasons Why Installing Automated Pedestrian Doors on Your Commercial Premises Is a Smart Investment Decision

Automated pedestrian doors have become a staple for many commercial facilities. They offer many advantages, including enhancing your commercial premise's security, accessibility and energy efficiency. If you haven't yet installed these doors, it might be the perfect time to consider the many advantages they offer, including:

They Increase Your Commercial Property's Accessibility

There are numerous ways you can ensure your commercial premises is highly accessible. However, one excellent and effective way of doing that is by installing automated pedestrian doors. These doors have a mechanical opening and closing function with sensors that automatically identify the required operation mode. This automated sensing mechanism allows users to access the commercial premises without manually opening the door. 

Automated pedestrian doors enhance the accessibility of your commercial premises by providing an effortless way for employees, customers and other business stakeholders to access the building. Importantly, they are a vital addition to your building if you want to cater for the needs of disabled individuals with mobility challenges, especially those using wheelchairs. 

They Offer Greater Aesthetic and Convenience 

The look and appearance of your commercial premise speak volumes about your business's reputation. Therefore, consider installing automatic pedestrian doors that make your premises convenient and hassle-free for everyone accessing them. These two qualities will significantly impress your clientele and provide a conducive environment for employees to enjoy working within the premises.

Additionally, automated doors come with a sense of style and a touch of modern class. They are aesthetically pleasing, and you can custom design them to match your office interiors, with a variety of styles to consider. The two common styles for automatic pedestrian doors include push-pad and bi-parting automatic doors. 

They Provide Enhanced Security Levels 

One primary concern for most commercial business owners is security. An excellent way to protect your premises from potential threats is by installing automated pedestrian doors. You can fit them with various access control systems, which allows you to restrict or authorize access to the premises. Security features like card readers, proximity sensors and other high-end technologies can ensure the automatic pedestrian door is at the forefront of protecting your business. 

Such levels of flexibility and control offered by automatic doors help enhance your commercial building's security and safety. Enhanced security means you can win more trust from your employees and confidence from your customers knowing you care about them. Installing automated doors can also improve hygiene since they automatically open without anybody touching handles, keeping everyone safe from diseases. 

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Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

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