Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

What to look for if your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly

A garage door opener usually consists of the opener itself inside the garage, a mounted control on the wall of the garage, and a remote garage door opener that you either carry on you or install in your car. If you are experiencing trouble with opening or closing your garage door, any of these parts might be at fault. There might also be something wrong with the door itself. If your garage door doesn't seem to open or close properly, there are a few things you can examine to determine what needs to be fixed for your garage door to function properly again. Read More 

Garage Door Types and the Associated Servicing You Will Require

Garage doors might be the single heaviest piece of moving equipment in your home at any point. This means that they will cost you much to install as well as to maintain. When choosing your garage doors, it is important to know which type of garage door service provider you will require and how much of a cost you will incur courtesy of your garage door. Even though the opening and closing mechanism may be the same, different materials when used on garage doors have different implications on the longevity and need for maintenance of the garage doors. Read More 

Keeping your garage safe from intruders

While you put effort into making sure that your house and possessions are safe, is there somewhere you are forgetting? That's right - the garage! Not only is your garage filled with expensive tools but also it houses your car and often has access to your house. Isn't it time to consider how to make the garage safer? Security screen doors on external doors Many garages have an external door that opens into the backyard. Read More 

Tips on How to Turn Your Garage Green

Your garage might seem like the last place that could serve as a hub for eco-friendly activity, but by taking certain measures and procedures both inside and outside of this area of your home, you can actually do an incredible amount for the environment whilst keeping you and your family healthy. What's more, you're guaranteed to save a terrific amount of cash in the long run. Discussed here are several ways in which to turn your garage green—inside and out. Read More 

What Every Homeowner Should Know about Automatic Garage Roller Door

If you have made some upgrades to your home recently one of them may have been an automatic garage door. If you have never dealt with this type of garage door, or if you have upgraded to a new style, then there are a few things to consider. Here are a few points to keep in mind about using, maintaining, and caring for your new roller door: Know Your Warranty Read More 

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Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

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