Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Quick Fix Tips: Garage Door Problems

The garage door is an important feature in your home and smooth functionality is essential for this convenience to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, there are common problems which will limit the expediency of the door. While there are serious problems that require professional intervention, you will find that you can often repair your door easily with minimal mechanical knowledge. Here are some of these common hitches and tips on how to deal with them.

Stuck Door

There are several problems associated with stuck garage door, especially with the inclusion of automation features. The obvious first step should be checking the remote control batteries because these are often forgotten until an issue such as this arises. If they are old, consider changing them and then try the opening or closing the stuck door.

You should also remove any obstructions from the sensors' line of sight and clean the sensor surfaces to restore clear transmission. If the door is still not functioning, you can test manual opening to see whether your automated system is severely damaged. Continued problems are a sign of a much bigger problem with the electrical system or the torsion springs could also be broken. It is advisable to call an expert for replacement of these modules because of the risks posed by the weight of the garage door and handling electricity.

Jerky Movement

A garage door functioning optimally should glide open and closed without squeaking or uneven delays. If you are experiencing jerky motion, consider checking the track along which the door moves for debris. Clean the feature with a microfibre cloth and if detergent is necessary, ensure it is mild to prevent corrosion.

Lubricate the track with regular silicone-based hardware lubricant to further reduce friction. Do not use regular household oils because they will attract dust and solidify when the local temperature is below room and eventually, you will have a problem with a stuck door.

The uneven movement could also be caused by poor quality in the springs that control opening and closing. Ensure that the components are of the same length on either side of the door and the stretch when opening is identical. Any anomalies should be taken seriously by engaging a professional.

Inexplicable Opening And Closing

Automatic doors can start opening and closing without any direct control from the user. This is a typically rare problem but it poses a risk especially for kids and pets. The fault is often in the radio signal transmitted from your remote so consider changing the code and frequency.

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