Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Merits and demerits of using swing gates

Thinking of getting yourself a new gate? Well, the options are in plenty and picking the best one for you can be quite a chore. One of the major types of gates that people opt for is the swing gate. This kind of gate can be used in almost all settings, ranging from ranch entries and fence doors to front gates and garage entryways. However, before getting these gates on your doors, you need to know all you can about them. Here are some of the major highlights you should consider.

What are swing gates?

Swing gates are special kinds of gates that rotate around a fulcrum just like an ordinary door. However, they are normally installed in pairs, one on each side of the entrance, and they usually rotate inwards when opened. Swing gates need extra room for the gates to effectively function so you'll be better off installing them when you've got the space.

Advantages of swing gates

Aesthetically pleasing

Swing gates are designed to open simultaneously and pairing them brings forth an interesting traditional look that can further boost the visual appeal of your home. These gates also give you the option of having wooden or iron gates that could further enhance their beauty giving your home an exclusive look.


Unlike in the recent past, swing gates have ceased to be the mark of opulent lifestyle. These gates are no longer meant for the wealthy persons because manufacturers are continually coming up with better production means and cheaper materials for construction.

Can be automated

Most of the swing gates can be easily automated. In fact, these gates are normally purchased in one compact piece ready to be installed. Their automation is powered by electricity, but not that much power is needed, which makes it a lot safer to operate because not much current runs through them.

Disadvantages of swing gates

Swing gates are not completely advantageous, just like everything else they also have their downsides that can dictate whether or not to put up the gate.

Don't play well with slopes

If your gate is located on a sloped area, then you need to be careful when installing these gates. Ensure you have the swing gates in a manner that the opening area slopes downhill to prevent it from meeting the ground before it's fully opened.

Not good in snowy areas

Swing gates can't be put up in snowy areas because the snow deposits would block the movement of the gates.

If you have specific questions about the functionality of swing gates, talk with someone from a business like AGM Automation to learn more.

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