Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Tips on How to Turn Your Garage Green

Your garage might seem like the last place that could serve as a hub for eco-friendly activity, but by taking certain measures and procedures both inside and outside of this area of your home, you can actually do an incredible amount for the environment whilst keeping you and your family healthy. What's more, you're guaranteed to save a terrific amount of cash in the long run. Discussed here are several ways in which to turn your garage green—inside and out.



A lot of the time, garages aren't typically considered to be frequently used spaces, and a single light bulb is often installed as a source of light for the small amount of time people will spend in this part of their home. If you tend to use your garage a little more often than most, then it's certainly worth going to the effort of installing some energy-efficient lighting.

This can be achieved by purchasing or fitting energy-efficient light bulbs, or by going one further and installing windows so that your garage space benefits from natural light. This way you'll save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills in the long run and do your bit for the environment whilst you're at it.

Latched windows will also allow fresh air to circulate within your garage walls. This will cleanse the toxic atmosphere that is often created by vehicle exhaust emissions. However, you'll need to be careful here. Any improperly fitted windows will cause hot and cold air to disrupt the atmosphere and temperature of your garage, so make sure you recruit a professional to install any windows.

If you're still unsure, simply add a window that doesn't open and seal the frame. This way, you'll still get plenty of light coming into your garage by natural means.

Ventilation Fan

Whilst installing latch windows is one way to allow fresh air into your garage, another method (and one that may be more suitable for your home) is to install a ventilation fan. This will help to circulate air in an efficient way, and help to rid your garage of toxic and foul-smelling odours that can be emitted by vehicles and chemicals that reside within this often-compacted space.


Recycling everything in your garage is a vital step to take when attempting to go green. Take time to search online for eco-friendly storage containers so that any dangerous chemicals are kept from drifting into the air, and out of the reach of children and/or pets. Storing and disposing of your chemicals in a green manner will also do wonders for the environment.


Solar Panels

Your garage roof may often go ignored, but taking the time to install some solar panels (or hiring an expert to do so for you) can actually allow you take advantage of a solar-based power supply, making your whole home more energy-efficient as a result.

Insulated Walls

Insulating your garage walls and door can do wonders for your home in terms of energy-efficiency. Any cracks or gaps in your garage will allow hot and cold air to circulate within the space, creating a wildly unstable temperature. Taking the time to insulate your pipes and ductwork can really make a difference.

Use a concrete sealant to patch up any gaps or cracks, and regularly check to see if any damage is emerging. This will keep your garage at a healthy temperature, as well as preventing access for wildlife to enter your home, which can really cause significant damage when let loose in a garage area. If you've insulated walls before you'll know the basics, but it's always best to hire a pro if you're not entirely sure about the ins and outs of insulating your home.

One of the best ways to insulate your garage is to invest in an eco-friendly garage door. The recycled material will help to keep out the air, as well as prevent your garage from succumbing to the kind of damage that can be caused by extreme weather conditions. Learn about your options by contacting companies like All Coast Garage Doors.

Collect Rainwater

A great way to improve energy-efficiency for your garage is also to collect any rainwater that tumbles down from the skies during wet season. Collecting rainwater will provide you with a supply for washing down your vehicle, cleaning the floors in your garage and also for topping up your windscreen washer fluid. This will save you lots of money on your water bill and is easy to do provided you use an effective rainwater collection system or water butt.

Eco-friendly Paint

Eco-friendly paint can actually be applied to both inside and outside your garage, and will pose a number of terrific advantages in both instances. This paint is non-toxic, made with natural ingredients, and doesn't have the strong, suffocating odour of many standard paints. It's also extremely easy to apply, and arrives in recyclable packaging so that you can dispose of it correctly. The non-VOC nature of eco-friendly paint means that it's significantly better for your health too, which is extremely important in a confined space like a garage.

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