Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Keeping your garage safe from intruders

While you put effort into making sure that your house and possessions are safe, is there somewhere you are forgetting? That's right - the garage! Not only is your garage filled with expensive tools but also it houses your car and often has access to your house. Isn't it time to consider how to make the garage safer?

Security screen doors on external doors

Many garages have an external door that opens into the backyard. As the air conditioning usually doesn't stretch to the garage, opening this door is often the most convenient way to cool the space down. However it's easy to forget you've left the door open or unlocked if you get distracted so why not get a security screen door fitted? This will keep your garage cool and safe.

Security screens on windows

Burglars love accessing garages through unlocked windows, as there is often little visibility of these windows from the front of the house. The garage is often chock-a-block with easy to carry and pawn power tools and expensive gardening equipment making it easy prey for burglars. Make sure to get security screens fitted to the external garage windows to prevent waking up to a nasty surprise.

Deadlock on linking doors to the house

If you have a door linking to your kitchen from the garage, this is often an easy home access point for burglars. Make sure to get an external door with a deadlock fitted, and importantly, keep the deadlock shut. It's all too easy to come in with heavy shopping bags or a pram and forget to lock that door back up. If someone does gain access to the garage you want to make sure they can't then access the house where the occupants usually are.

Keep your keys out of sight!

One of the dangers if your door is broached is that many people habitually drop their house and car keys on the kitchen bench as they walk into the house. This makes it extra easy and tempting for burglars to come into the house and grab the keys to make off with your car (not to mention now having easy access to come back to your house whenever they like). Make sure to keep keys out of sight and safe. 

Reviewing your garage safety can help to keep your car, garage tools and home safe from unwanted intruders. Call today to see how easy it is to get your safety upgraded with security screens and locks. To learn more, contact a company such as Aus Secure with any questions you have.

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Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

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