Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Garage Rage: 5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Serviced

Your garage door experiences a lot of wear and tear during the hundreds of times it is opened every year. However, most homeowners never take the time to inspect the performance or condition of their garage door until it is too late. Below are 5 signs your garage door might need a service.


Once a month you should check the balance of your garage door. To do this, simply disconnect the opener before opening the garage door manually. When the door is half open, let go of it. If the garage door is properly balanced, it will not rise or sink. If the door does move, it is most likely an issue with the tension spring. Tension springs can be dangerous when removed, so it is best to have them serviced professionally.


For safe operation, your garage door should open and close smoothly. If you notice your garage door shaking when it is in operation, you have a problem. Shaking typically indicates that there is damage to the tracks, which keep the door in place, or to the overhead rollers. 

Panel Separation 

If you notice that the panels that make up the garage door are beginning to separate, this is a key warning sign that the door needs a service. Panel separation is caused when the garage door opener is required to do more lifting than usual, which puts strain on the rest of the door. If this problem is not addressed it will generally lead to complete motor failure.

Excessive Noise

While all garage doors make some noise, you are likely to notice any unusually loud noises or unusual straining or creaking. Excessive noise can be an indication of an issue with the opener, opener bracket or spring.

Slow Opening Times

When you open your garage door it should respond immediately. If you notice that your garage door is taking longer than usual to open, this is a sign that all is not well. Common causes are tracks that need lubricating or problems with the motor that opens the door.

When you notice something amiss with your garage door it can be tempting to ignore the issue and carry on with your life. However, you should remember that most problems only become more severe as time goes by. If you experience any of the problems listed above, you should contact a professional to get the garage door repairs that you need.

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