Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

What to know before painting a garage roller door

An ageing garage door can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your home. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint can fix that immediately. Below are some tips for painting garage roller doors to avoid any mishaps:


Before you start painting a garage roller door, preparation is critical. The first step is to assemble all the required equipment. You need equipment such as rubber gloves, safety goggles, painter's tape, ladder, drop cloth and a dust mask to mention a few.

Next, you should check the weather forecast for the next few days. It is ideal to repaint your roller door on a cold day with minimal sunlight and humidity. Excess humidity, in particular, can undo your hard work. You need one day to paint and at least two more for the paint to set.


Cleaning the roller door before painting is an extension of the preparation stage. You should use a brush, cloth and detergent to remove all dirt and grime. You can also remove existing paint by using a sanding tool. After cleaning, you should rinse the door with clean water. After the door is clean, you should apply painter's tape to seal off parts you do not want to paint such as the handles. You should also lay down a drop cloth to prevent any dripping paint from staining your driveway. An old blanket or newspaper will do.


Before you begin painting your roller door, you should have selected the best colour shade based on the colour scheme of your house. A tip is to choose light tones such as pearl or beige as they last longer under direct exposure to sunlight. Also, do not buy random paint. Ensure that the paint is designed for exterior use as they can hold up to weather elements. Tools such as a roller and a paintbrush will be useful in ensuring even distribution of paint. You should also use a finish that reduces the maintenance need for the roller door.


Safety is a crucial part of repainting a garage roller door. You will be performing tasks such as sanding down the door and painting it, which is not suitable for your respiratory system. You should, therefore, make use of equipment such as dust mask and safety goggles to protect yourself from dust and paint fumes. Ensure you check the ladder for stability before using it.

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Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

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