Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Installation

A garage door needs to be as secure as possible because it does not only protect your car and other things you might have stored in the garage, but it can be an entry point for burglars. It also needs to have features that make it easy and convenient for you to open and close it. An example of such a feature is an automated garage door that is controlled by a remote.

Here's everything you need to know about garage door installation. 

Which Is the Most Common Garage Door?

Most homeowners utilise garage roller doors because of their sturdiness and the fact that they open and close vertically. Their sturdiness makes them secure, while their opening and closing mechanism makes them save on space. You might, however, be required to choose between aluminium and steel roller doors; aluminium is preferred because it is lighter and consumes less electricity (less power is needed to lift a lighter door).

What Are the Steps to Purchasing a Garage Door?

Hire a garage door contractor and an interior designer. The interior designer will help you choose a colour, design or pattern that matches the aesthetics of your home exterior. On the other hand, a garage door contractor will help explain the different types of garage doors available and their features. You should all sit together and discuss your needs so that the garage door chosen in the end will be exactly what you and your home need. Expect to discuss things like prices and garage door features.

You might also be asked to share your thoughts on the ideal garage door so that the garage door contractor can offer you options based on your preferences and needs. They also highlight different features you might need and explains them in detail to show you how they can be of great benefit for you. Once you all agree on the garage door to be installed, installation work commences as soon as you give the go-ahead.

What Features Should You Consider for Your Garage Door?

Start by looking into safety features. Some garage doors have sensors in their closing mechanism. They can sense that there is an obstacle under the garage door as it closes, making it stop. This prevents property damage, especially to your car, and injury to any person standing below the door, especially children.

You should also consider getting torsion springs over extension springs. Though both these springs are good for your garage door, torsion springs last longer. They are also safer (they do not fly into the air if they break) and offer better door motion.

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Garage Door: Safety, Repair and Modification Tips

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